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California Real Estate Law: Text & Cases (6th Edition)
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This book provides readers with the information necessary to digest and apply California law in everyday, practical real estate situations and covers the four basic goals of its predecessors:  1) concise, reasonable coverage of all current California law pertinent to real estate, 2) practical application of all major abstract legal principles described within, 3) studious case analyses that arise in common situations and offer an opportunity for advantageous discussion, and 4) expanded coverage of key areas that have come to the forefront since the previous edition was released (i.e. listing agreements, leases, the eviction process, foreclosure of deeds of trust, and environmental law).  In essence, this new edition provides solid and concise explanations of current California real estate law and its consequences. 

Ted H Gordon

Thomson South-Western



Real Estate Information Sources - Real Estate Books & CD's
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