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This book explains the body of law and ethics vital to the daily practice of real estate.  In a detailed, yet easy-to-follow style, the book emphasizes fair housing, full disclosure and laws governing real estate licensees.  It also teaches agents how to perform important real estate procedures, such as completing a listing agreement, preparing presentation packages, as well as the real estate practitioner’s role in obtaining escrows, tax and title information, and financing.  Herd has packed his new book with the most effective methods for utilizing current technology, such as the internet, e‑mail and new computer hardware to greatly enhance an agent’s ability to deal with an increasingly “techno-savvy” public.  Finally, Herd covers the many employment options for California real estate professionals in detail.  This text intended for use with the pre-licensing course, “California Real Estate Practice.”

Bob Herd

Thomson South-Western



Real Estate Information Sources - Real Estate Books & CD's
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