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Can I work from home?
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Yes.  As a real estate agent, you can set up your office at home.  Most brokers require their new agents to attend sales meetings and it is a good idea to spend some time in your agency’s office, to profit from interaction with more experienced agents.


If you work from home you may qualify for certain tax breaks, as follows:  

    * a percentage of your rent.
    * a percentage of your home loan interest.
    * cleaning costs for your home office.
    * a portion of your real estate taxes and interest cost.
    * some depreciation for the office part of your home
    * utility costs and trash collection fees attributable to your home office.
    * maintenance and repair of your home office, including painting.
    * household furniture you converted or purchased for use in your home office


Keep iin mind that present tax law provides that taking a home office deduction may prevent you from having a tax-free rollover of the capital gain when you sell your home.  If you plan to sell your home within three years of starting your home business, you may rething qualifying for a home office deduction.  Get professional advice from a knowledgeable tax professional. 
Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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