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Can My Agent Show Me A Home Which Is Not Listed, Like A For Sale By Owner Home (fsbo)?
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Yes, the agent can contact the homeowner that has a For Sale By Owner home for sale and sign a “permission to show unlisted property” document which will protect you and the agent if a purchase takes place. Your agent will typically come to an agreement with the seller regarding the sales commission. If the seller is not willing to pay a commission, your buyer brokerage agreement provides the percentage of the commission which would fall to you to pay.  If the seller is not willing to pay a commission you can in most states add a clause or a special addendum that states that the seller is paying for your commission to your agent. It is very simple and your agent or his Broker know the routine. If you are working with an agent you should not contact the FSBO by yourself because then the FSBO are more likely to not pay the commission. Give the address and the phone number to your agent and your agent will make the arrangements. Your agent will negotiate the commission with the seller and then he/she will show you the property.
Home Buying Questions - Search & Offer FAQ's
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