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Can You Negotiate When Buying A New Construction?
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Making an offer on new construction is not the same as making an offer on a resale.  Typically, the margin for profit with new construction homes is so small (per unit) that there is basically little or no negotiating. You can try, of course, because "everything in real estate is negotiable," but do not expect too much.  Having said so, in a buyer’s market such as in 2007, builders and their lenders usually are very motivated to sell their homes and are coming up with very creative incentives, including in some cases, offering to cover 6 months or more of property taxes, assuming several months of mortgage payments, assuming all closing costs, etc.  The reason why builders cannot easily drop the price of their homes is because they.  Some site, list development properties along side agent's lisitngs.

Home Buying Questions - Search & Offer FAQ's
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