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As a long standing provider of Real Estate Education in Missouri, Career Visions is dedicated to transporting you and your career into and through the fast paced exciting world of the Real Estate. 

Established in the mid 1990's, Career Visions continues bringing Real Estate Education to Missouri Licensees. With a unique style, our Pre-License, Continuing Education  and Seminars have a success rate worthy of making you a "customer for life".

Why a career in Real Estate?

If you are looking for an exciting and flexible career that offers new opportunities and challenges every day; if you like houses, decorating and architecture; if you are looking career with no limits on your salary; then look no further a career in real estate offers this and more.  The Career Vision Pre-Sales Series is the ticket to starting a career in Real Estate career.

Why advance from Salesperson to Broker?

If you are looking to take further control of your destiny while expanding your knowledge of the real estate industry and becoming your own boss taking the Career Visions - 48 Hour Broker Pre-Examination Course will set you on your way.

Why Continuing Education (CE)?

The Missouri Real Estate Commission regulations require a total of 12 hours, 3 hours Core (determined by MRC) and 9 hours of electives (courses approved by MRC). 

Choosing Career Visions for your CE courses is a great way for seasoned veterans to hone their skills and get up to date on current topics.  Career Visions is currently developing new CE courses to provide a refreshing change to ‘normal’ CE courses.   

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