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Carla Douglin
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Carla Douglin is Director of The Douglin Foundation, which leads foreclosure information seminars for homeowners throughout the nation.

In 2005, Douglin started her own foreclosure consulting business in order to assist homeowners on the verge of losing their property. As she consulted each client, she noticed a pattern of miseducation everyone was confused about the foreclosure process. Alongside the confusion, most people facing foreclosure undergo a tremendous amount of emotional distress, which further complicated the process.

Using her background as a corporate trainer, Douglin created a helpful questionnaire to assist homeowners facing foreclosure understand more about their own financial situation. The questionnaire evolved into a foreclosure manual, which in turn, became a workbook.

Carla Douglin offers timely assistance dealing with a topic that is a major crisis in our country today. She is a skilled foreclosure prevention expert offering an unprecedented approach to helping homeowners in distress with a step-by-step approach to foreclosure avoidance, protection and survival.




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Professionals in Real Estate - Authors, Speakers & Educators
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