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As the foremost authority on value range pricing and marketing, Carlton and Sandy Lund, the leaders of 7-agent “Lund Team” have traveled extensively to become the unprecedented 6-time national PVRM Champion among all 68,000+ Prudential agents, ranking 35th within their brokerage.

As winners of The San Diego Business Journal’s T.E.I.M (Total Excellent in Management) Award, the entire team goes the extra mile to make their clients smile and close each transaction with a perfect report card.  In 2005 the team closed 123 transactions for a total sales volume of $106 million, and expects to close 135 for $120 million in 2006.

A broker licensed in 1980 with an MBA in finance, Carlton is the team’s backbone, conducting all final negotiations, and also focuses on customer service, promotions, and future project development.  He is a nationally recognized expert on Value Range Marketing, and has consistently ranked as one of North San Diego County’s top-producing real estate brokers for the past 20 years.


A licensed Realtor since 1982, Sandy is an expert on bank-owned properties and buyer relocation. Behind the scenes, she specializes in sales negotiations and team coordination.  As a registered nurse, Sandy Lund has also received a Presidential Accommodation by George Bush for saving the life of small baby.

Carlton and Sandy share a special heart for community service as very active participants of “Kids Are Worth A Million”, a project designed to raise one million dollars a year for local schools.  Due to their unwavering commitment to serve their community, Carlton and his wife were recipients the Carlsbad’s “Citizen of the Year” award in 2005.

Professionals in Real Estate - Real Estate Agents
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