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CENTURY 21Metro Alliance Company Vision Statement

To endeavor toprovide the most optimum climate possible for each agent to grow and expandprofessionally and in every other way attainable. To expect that people whowork here will strive to be "the best they can be" whether at work,with clients, with colleagues, with family or with the community. CENTURY 21®International quality service pledge is a part of their vision: "Ourcustomers deserve and will receive the finest service ever offered by a realestate organization." Overall, they will be a company consisting of peoplewho are well regarded by their peers, respected by their competitors, favoredby their clients, and appreciated and supported by each other.

Charles McLean


Contact Information

CENTURY 21Metro Alliance

19820 North 7thStreet, Suite 100

Phoenix, AZ85024


Company Stats
Number of Offices: 30

Number of Sales Associates: 1,026

Sales Volume: $1,506,829,424

Ranking based on Sales Volume: 89

Number of Transaction Sides: 5,452

Ranking based on Transactions: 93

(Courtesy RIS Media Power Broker Survey)

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