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Challenging Economic Times Call For New Approaches To Buying and Selling Real Estate
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The current financial crisis faced by the USA today is causing many to look at fresh and new approaches to the traditional Real Estate markets. With the collapse of the Sub-prime mortgage markets and the flow on effect sellers are finding it difficult to sell their houses, and buyers are finding it increasingly more difficult to get bank approved financing.

For buyers right now it can be extremely challenging to get bank approval for a home loan. The days of easy finance through the sub-prime mortgage market are long gone. The credit squeeze is seeing more buyers turned down for finance.

The challenge for buyers is compounded when they have low credit scores, have bad credit history, have faced or are facing bankruptcy or unstable work history. Self employed people are also finding it hard to get a mortgage right now in these uncertain times.

So the obvious questions right now are ...

How do you buy a house without bank approved finance? How do you buy a house after bankruptcy? How do you buy a house with bad credit? Is it even possible to buy a house when you have bad credit or a low credit score?

The good news is yes! You can still buy a house without using bank approved finance using a little known strategy called lease to own. It is sometimes referred to as rent to own. This real estate strategy may be the answer that many sellers and buyers are looking for in this difficult real estate market.

Using lease to own as a real estate strategy buyers can enter into a lease agreement on a house for a set period of time. In the agreement is the option to purchase the house prior to the end of the lease agreement for a predetermined price. This way buyers get to live in the house first. They can experience what it is like to live in the house, the neighbourhood, and so on. If they decide they want to go ahead and buy the property they know exactly what price they will pay.

What this means is that many of these buyers who lease to own will in fact take better care of the property. It is not uncommon for these buyers to make improvements to a property because they know that any improvements they make they will profit from when they exercise their option to purchase the property.

This is an ideal way for buyers who are struggling to get bank approved finance because of reasons like having a low deposit, a poor credit score, been bankrupt or are self employed. It means that the dream of home ownership is closer for these buyers by using the lease to own real estate strategy. Does the lease to own, or rent to own strategy benefit sellers as well?

Well firstly right now anyone trying to sell a house will appreciate just how challenging it can be. With a lack of bank approved buyers in the market prices are falling. Many sellers have tried selling their properties as for sale by owner after giving up on their Realtors. Problem again is that there is just a lack of buyers who have approved finance or mortgages right now.

So using the lease to own Real Estate strategy sellers can start to generate income from their properties as they find buyers who are willing to lease their house from them. So instead of your house sitting empty for months on end costing you money you can now at least generate rental income and turn the property into a positive cash flow property.

Even better is that you have an extremely high chance of the person leasing the property wanting to exercise their option to buy before the end of the lease agreement. The good news for sellers is that as long as you have negotiated a fair price at the start of the agreement you can be fairly certain that they will go ahead and want to purchase the property.

So the lease to own, or rent to own strategy can be extremely effective for both buyers and sellers. It is definitely worth considering in this current market as a sound real estate investing strategy. If you are an investor then you will also want to find out everything you can about how use the to lease strategy for more positive real estate investing. Investors can secure good rental returns from buyers willing to lease to own and have a readymade buyer for the property at the end of the lease

period. This is a key real estate investing strategy being used right now to turn real estate investments from negative to positive cash flow properties.

Realtors and Real Estate Agents are also interested in the lease to own and rent to own strategy.Many Realtors are leaving the industry right now as it is extremely difficult to meet sellerís demands to find them a buyer. Traditional marketing methods for real estate are no longer as effective. The smart Realtors are seeking to differentiate themselves by learning all they can about how to lease to own and how their sellers can use this strategy.

So where do you find out more about the lease to own or rent to own strategy for real estate? Well there are a number of places ... the best resource we have found is the online site at Here you will find a list of buyers waiting to find the right home that they can lease to own. As a seller you can list your property and expose it to the ready made database of buyers. Investors and Realtors can also use this great service to market their properties. The www.iLease-A-House.comsite is one of the leading sites that is bringing together buyers, sellers, investors and realtors to facilitate lease to own transactions. They also provide extensive information on how to lease to own for buyers, sellers and investors.

If you are ready to make your dream of home ownership come true, or you are looking to sell your property as soon possible, then head over to today and find out more about the lease to own or rent to own strategy. You will be glad that you did.

Advantage to Sellers
  • No real estate commission to pay (not realtors).
  • No maintenance problems.
  • Prompt payment of rent.
  • All the terms of the purchase are negotiated in advance.
  • Seller retains all tax benefits until the sale and much more.
  • Positive monthly cash flow to offset losses

Advantage to Buyers
  • Time to shop around for best financing options
  • Live in the house before you buy it
  • Meet the neighbors and neighborhood before making long term decision
  • Large rent credits (25-100%) for prompt payment

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