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As the market across the nation and in Canada shifts, newer agents who are used to the hot and crazy market of years past are scrambling to readjust to this unfamiliar market. According to Hugo "Skip" Weber, President of Polley Associates, a RealtyU® Affiliate Real Estate School in Pennsylvania, many say to themselves 'what I was doing is no longer working, therefore I must quit.' Wrong," says Weber, "There are always many different ways to be successful."

Foreseeing a shift back to a more 'normalized' market, Weber introduced the Accredited Seller Representative (ASR®) course as a tool to prepare real estate agents to work more effectively with sellers as the market increasingly becomes more favorable for the buyers. "The ASR® course gives agents a powerful insight into the reality of a declining market. It challenges them to ask: What additional or new skills should I gain to better understand sellers' needs and help them more effectively in light of current market conditions?"

While there are certain areas in the US where the market has not softened, for most of the country there buyers are quickly gaining the upper hand, and they're knowledgeable about what homes are worth and what they're willing to pay. Sellers and their agents are going to need to become more creative in the listing, marketing and selling process.

"In our ASR® classes we are seeing 1/3 rookies, 1/3 agents with one to three years experience and another third is composed of agents who have been in the business from 4 to 25 years. Some just want the designation title ASR® to compliment the ABR® (Accredited Buyer Representative) they already have, while some want to double dip and where possible get CE with the ASR® designation. The majority, however, are really focused on gaining knowledge, marketing skills and insight into the sellers' needs and wants. "Increasingly today, sellers are demanding that agents justify their pricing suggestions in the buyers market, with provable facts and verified education," said Weber.

Polley Associates has been offering the Accredited Seller Representative course since the summer, and the response is phenomenal says Weber. Here is what some of the students have had to say about the course:

  • "Absolutely the best course I have taken as an agent"
  • "The flow of materials was excellent"
  • "I feel more knowledgeable than before"
  • "Excellent class, very worthwhile"
  • "Very complete in every regard"

Because the ASR® is a two-day course, there is more time to explore and develop appropriate selling strategies. "I call this a hands-on marketing course for today's market," says Weber. "Eastern Pennsylvania, Western Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware have felt the softening since April and having an efficient, right-on-target course that can empower agents to be in a better position, is exactly what the market needs for the next year or two," added Weber.

The ASR® course covers 37 key topics, including in-depth, extensive education in facilitating the pre-listing and listing appointment, negotiating the offer, value demonstration, brand positioning, ethics, and more. To schedule an appointment to have the Accredited Seller Agency course taught in your area, or to learn more about other professional real estate career education services, contact Thomas M. Mitchell at 949-600-7172 or by email at

Seller Agency Council (ASR®)
The Seller Agency Council owns and manages the Accredited Seller Representative designation (ASR®), the largest and most sought designation for seller's agents who wish to become more skilled at representing the home seller. The Seller Agency Council is an integral part of the RealtyU® Family of career development companies and services.


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