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Chris Frerecks
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Chris Frerecks is the CEO of Kinetic Knowledge Real Estate Blogsites.

He has a 20 year background of highly consultative, entrepreneurial Management, Sales & Business Development experience. Having enormous Fortune 500 brand exposure & contacts, uniquely skilled in the development of new technology markets, with emerging products and services, and in managing complex client relationships.

Since achieving ‘youngest V.P. status in the history of an established Northeastern Financial Services Firm' at age 26, changed course and pursued a passion for nothing less than the most challenging technology markets. A keen foresight for positioning on the front edge of emerging technology markets including early web- based advertising (Wired, Jim Cramer's & CBS MarketWatch), content distribution (, sophisticated cross media advertising programs (CBS & MPT), business class blogging solutions (Directory Xpress/ MyInfoPage, Kinetic Knowledge & Real Estate Blogsites), blog & chat room data- mining (Umbria), and blog community creation (Directory Xpress/ MyInfoPage.)

In late 2002 he co- founded a very early business blogging enterprise. With Directory Xpress/ MyInfoPage, he developed dynamic local yellow page portals where all listings were preconfigured with blogging capabilities. In a time where the world hadn't really heard of blogging, the first local portal had 65 local businesses publishing to the web. He continues to operate a small Promotional Marketing Company, which manages outdoor initiatives in the Rocky Mountains for Fortune 1000 brands such as Toyota.

Chris has a degree in Political Science/ Economics from the University of Maryland. He was born in Brooklyn, NY, grew up in Westfield, NJ and he currently lives in Avon, CO. Aside from a focus on operating Real Estate Blogsites, he spends most of his time with his family, good friends, dog... and he still finds some time to go surfing in various places with some great friends.

Contact Details
Address: Kinetic Knowledge, LLC
PO Box 3654
Avon, CO 81620
Email address: chris [at] kineticknowledge [dot] com
Telephone Number: (970) 471 3079
Toll free number: 1(800) 477-1451

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