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Have you had a property of at least some of your child, without relying on parents, in-laws, or debt? If not, try the test yourself. If your child number two, what should be the minimum amount of your property? It should be three units. Well, if your child number three, you should have four units. Did you like this?

Many people are not aware that her life is already game over, since age 40 years and 50 years her home just one house or the age of 60 years only two. In fact, if you have two children, have a minimum of three houses. It's been 10 years of work, but can not buy 10 properties. Instead of buying 10, just not able to buy 3. Never buy three, buy so buy a house just yet settled.

Often people fall into debt suffocating smoke circle of life. Many people have not been buying property for their children, but instead multiply-style cell phone. Has 10 phones, but do not have a home for a second child. Let alone for a second child, a home for yourself is not yet settled. We want many houses many many homes WITHOUT debt or debt?

Supposedly, the older you added authoritative, because the property had prepared for the children. However, many people, getting older even more debt, or add even more dependent on the parents-in-law, or parent plus child even more ashamed, because they have not bought a home for her children.

Follow the most popular seminars Many Strategies Buying Property Without Debt, No Equity, No Need to Wait for Slant, with Mr. Fullhouse Cipto Junaedy and always in different cities. Among others in Singapore, Surabaya, Medan, Balikpapan, Malang, Jakarta, Palembang, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Banjarmasin, Makassar, Bali.

Seminars that we conduct is pure 100% not a motivational seminar Seminars STRATEGY, not MLM, not a recruitment agency, and not a franchise business offers. This seminar will teach us about the strategies applied science that has been practiced by him alone in Buying Property Without Debt.

In a seminar held by us (time and place can be seen in the Events section on the left of the page), you will be taught:

    How in Young Age can have a lot of Property, the minimum number of Children & every time we buy a house not Need Debt Can Even Money
    How to Add Old Add a charismatic, because it prepares the house for the kids and not Add Add Old Debt
    Already How You Work In? What Property Can Generates already?
    Do not Pay Your Property From Your Own Business Results, or of Debt

In addition to the above strategies, you'll also learn 28 secrets of Buying Property Without a lot of debt, such as following some SECRET:

    Secrets of Buying Property WITHOUT Many Debt
    Do not Buy a Home With ACCOUNT & fry up debt, But Should "urunan" Just To Be Developer
    For those who already Debt Secrets To Immediately Lunas
    Ranch Property Without Ranch DEBT
    The mortgage resolve PROBLEM
    Fixing the value of the house WITHOUT Improving Physical Building
    Property Cash 2x, NOT DEBT 2x
    Buying & CAR FRANCHISE Without Debt
    DO NOT CREDIT The Learning Applying Liquid Definitely, But LEARN Without Debt
    Secrets of Buying Property Not Quit Money, Earn Money WITHOUT fact Debt
    Minimal House Has A Secret Son We + Extra Houses For Passive Income
    Breaking Secret Life and Not Fall In "Smoke Rings" In Home Buying
    Secrets At Young Age Can Have Many Property

Learn from the best. Selection first speaker that will follow if the pass with this question:

    Does the speaker have ever bought / annexing property in Singapore without debt?
    Is the speaker had been giving free houses for the needy? If true champion annexed, it is not afraid to give free home.
    Whether the speaker was able to buy a condominium as world class St. Moritz? And not only has the class property rent / boarding house alone or only owners who rent housing porridge but pretend to teach property. Beware of the blind leading the blind!
    Does the speaker have never purchased a prestigious apartment tower almost 1?
    Is already bought and have the property of 5 best and largest property developer in Indonesia: Lippo Group, Sinar Mas Group, Pakuwon Group, Ciputra Group and Great Podomoro Group?
    Is the book published by Scholastic and instantly correct become national bestsellers Scholastic level or just copycat publishing his book even rejected by the seaside?
    Whether the speaker is a pioneer who teach without debt, or just copycat alone, never participated in the seminar, Mr. Cipto Junaedy then imitate without depth?
    Is the speaker fool says home seminar certificate directly behind the house without realizing the notary name just need time?
    How much is the sheer number of strategies that are owned, whether reaching 52 strategy?
    How many successful students who have been born, whether presented live For sharing?
    Is teaching sincere or just make you a broker / buyer speaker project property?
    Is the speaker had ever experienced in complex risk and lock in at the Corporate level, the group Public Listed company, as Group Finance Director?

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