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A good, fresh fig is one of the finest fruits. Their sweetness is elegant and not too pushy. No wonder that you can make it so versatile: Whether in the dessert Compression Garments for Weight Loss, pastry, as a refinement in sauces or combined to meat dishes - figs make always a good character!

Originally get figs from Asia. In the meantime, they are grown but also in the Mediterranean and South America. The sweet fruits taste best when they're fully ripe. But they are also extremely sensitive care in this State.
Tips for buying figs

Specially when figs you can't see on the outer shell looks like the inner workings: the fruit is fibrous, juicy or dries up? Therefore, it is important to buy figs there, where you are sure to get good goods. I have had the best experiences with Turkish 1200 calorie meal plans greengrocers. In their culture and its cuisine tradition, the fig plays a major role and therefore, there is often a good advice and a loving and qualified selection of the figs.

What is there for figs?

The shapes and colors of sweet fruit are varied. These four varieties are the most common:

Dried fig: it is mostly varieties originating from Turkey. They are traded sorted according to size.

Purple fig: she's a very sweet flesh. Common types are for example Abicou, Brogiotto nero, Early Black, Negronne, Pastilière, Conadria, Ronde de Bordeaux and sultans.

Green fig: if it is really fresh, their flesh tastes even more intensively than the purple figs. Including 1200 calorie meal plans Blanca 2, Brunswick, Christo Monaco, Dauphine, and Fillacciano are among its genus.

Grey fig: belongs to the somewhat harsher varieties of figs, is therefore but no less delicate. Bianco belong to this variety, Col de Dame blanc and white Marseille.

Cooking tips for Fig

Fresh figs do not need to peel. You should however thoroughly rinse before cooking. And you can eat with small seed inside the fruit without any problems. Great dishes that you can conjure up with the sweet fruit, fig, see the recipe Gallery.

Incidentally, figs are not only Compression Garments for Weight Loss irresistibly delicious, they are also an important part of a healthy diet: they contain many vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibre.
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