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Conquering Commission Objections
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Creating the Perfect Win/Win Situation

Not to be outdone by his own success, Sheldon Zacharias realized over the years that his slower listings sat on the market for a longer period of time and devoured a proportionately greater percentage of his available marketing dollars, as opposed to those homes that, for whatever reason, sold more quickly.

Sheldon needed to find a way to protect his business against longer periods of dry financial income, and at the same time create a system capable of rewarding his potential clients for opting to write him steady checks instead of one big, hit-or-miss lump sum tied much too closely to the result of all his efforts – or the failure of the same.

The Seller’s Advantage System

So Sheldon created the “Seller’s Advantage System”, a program whose purpose is to offer a ‘partnership selling’ concept to customers who might decide to select it in light of the more traditional contingency fee method of payment. During his listing presentations, whenever the inevitable commission objection arose, Sheldon would introduce this system and explain the fiscal wisdom in taking this route instead.

The result was nothing short of phenomenal! Over 75-80% of Sheldon’s clients consistently end up choosing this system, and with an up-front fee of only $995, at one point in time he garnered a little under $37,000 in one month, simply for sitting down and convincing his new clients to select this program over the classic method of payment!

Check it Out Now!

In this week’s new Success Module, “Conquering Commission Objections”, Sheldon Zacharias offers an ingenious strategy for overcoming cost objections and a steady stream of income, simply from securing listings. Easy to implement, and even easier to explain, within a few hours time you’ll never have to lose another listing because you couldn’t imagine discounting your commission percentage. Don’t discount – discover Sheldon’s convenient concept. Enjoy this week’s success module and learn:
  • How to be ready with an immediate answer to commission objections.
  • The value of making the client a partner in a home’s marketing campaign.
  • The secret to giving the client an incentive to sell quickly.
  • How to create instant and steady cash flow via a win-win situation.


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