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Cutting Down Your Water Consumption
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I recently read an article on about water usage in large commercial buildings called "Water Savings 101: Top Ten Tips For Commercial Buildings".  It makes some good points about how many people, especially at this time of year with all of the hurricanes, forget about the many places that are experiencing a drought.  They forget that they should be conserving water and thinking twice about how they use it throughout their day.  The article states that "Outdoor water use accounts for nearly 30 percent of the 26 billion gallons of water used in the U.S.  Indoor water use both for domestic water and heating and cooling makes up the other 70 percent; a statistic to which every commercial building in the country contributes. Needless to say, facility managers can have a tremendous impact on water use and water conservation."  Depending on what city you live/work in, you might be able to think of a couple of buildings that already are conscious of the way they use their water, but I am sure a majority of the buildings in your city don't manage this consumption at all.  As it says in the article, "many water savings opportunities are low cost or no cost. None of them are rocket science, and the vast majority can be handled in house."  Is your building wasting water?  Click on the link above to read the top ten tips for saving water, it might even help you at home.

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