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DUKES County, MA
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DUKES County is the 2,095 largest County in the USA out of a total of 3,144 Counties. The county contains 21,568 parcels of property of which 12,042 (55.83%) are Single Family Residences, 499(2.31%) are Condominiums, 273(1.27%) are Duplexes and/or Triplexes and 12 (0.06%) are Apartment Buildings.

Approximately 50.29% of all residential properties are Owner Occupied. 

During the previous three months the following average monthly transactions occurred:

Arms Length Purchases: 45
Non-Arms Length Transfers:43
Refinances and/or New Loans:64
Non-Arms Length Non Purchases:2
Pre-Foreclosure Activity: 2

According to the 2000 Census the county was home to 14,987 people, a 28.77% change from the 1990 Census.

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Community Information - County Search
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