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David Agema
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In 1979, David Agema was working as a ranch hand for $4.50 an hour. In 1981, Agema answered a "become a real estate agent" ad in the newspaper. Last year Agema closed 120 transactions and had a total volume of $13 million.

Based in Alberta, Canada, Agema, by 1983 Agema was already the seventh-highest producing Realtor in his town of 220 agents. A year later he was #3, and has remained in the top three slots the past three years.

As a rookie agent Agema worked hard doing open houses and looked to expired listings to generate leads. In the first two years that combination created $130,000 in revenue. Today, Agema no longer holds open houses or pursues expireds. Instead, he names customer referrals as his #1 priority.

Agema is also proud to give back to the industry that helped him so much by serving as an iSucceed Mentor.


Contact Details

Prudential Top 5 Real Estate
1274 - 3rd Ave. South
AB, Canada


Phone: 403-327-5555
Toll-Free: 866-862-8675
Fax: 403-327-5575


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