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David D Elia Real Estate are experienced professionals specializing in providing innovative client representation and real estate advisory services for individuals, investors and property owners. They offer their clients creative and pragmatic solutions to today’s real estate problems by combining years of hands-on experience in all aspects of the real estate business with sophisticated analysis and sound business judgment.

For the past 16 years, they have counseled individuals, investors, property owners and Real Estate professionals on gaining success through real estate. By understanding that true real estate advisory services requires a different skill set and approach than the traditional realtor-oriented brokerage firms are accustomed too. Their years’ of experience, reputation and affiliations has helped them become a cornerstone in advising individuals on all real estate matters. In the end, their goal is to provide real value-added assistance to the real estate decision process by clearly defining the client’s options and advising them on the benefits of each solution.

Service Offered

As professionals they serve a wide range of client needs from the basic Selling, Buying and Property management to Real estate portfolio building and management, maximizing investment opportunities, creative financing and property analysis. They position themselves to deliver realistic, value-added solutions that improve the client's real estate situation.  They do this by providing comprehensive support and awareness in the areas of: Identification of real estate objectives Financing analysis Credit worthiness Portfolio analysis Market research and trends Strategic planning Property compatibility Real estate firms Pros/Cons Representation Fee structure For Sale by Owner Pros/Cons Area selection analysis Investment Properties Appreciation/depreciation Multi-year planning.


Experience, perspective and judgment are the practical science of real estate. In other words, a smart team comes up with better answers. Our real estate personnel and affiliates include Certified Public Accountants, licensed New York, New Jersey, attorneys, Realtor Brokers, Certified Financial Planners and Mortgage Bankers. Our group has expertise in the areas of accounting, real estate brokerage, property management, mortgage banking, tax development, asset management, lender and General Counsel. This combination of experience is an enormous benefit to our clients.

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