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  David W. Bolick started my real estate career in residential and commercial sales in 1973, after obtaining a Broker's license with the Arkansas Real Estate Commission.  David was a CPMâ Certified Property Manager as designated by the Institute of Real Estate Management for 23 years and currently a GRIâ Graduate Real Estate Institute.  In 1974, David began working as a Resident Manager of a 337-unit garden apartment community, the largest in the City of Little Rock.  Later he became a Resident Manager of two other local properties before becoming a Property Manager for a Little Rock management company that managed over 4,000 units of multi-family housing, 8 mobile home parks, several strip centers, warehouse space, and office buildings.


  In 1980, David became the financial controller of two separate management companies. At the same time, he held a position in partnership management of over 100 syndications by a large Arkansas-based firm.  In addition to apartment communities, his partnership management included overseer supervision of 5 hotels. David also worked in the development of syndications with the syndication department for approximately 2 years.  That firm, a highly leveraged tax shelter operation, was ultimately forced into bankruptcy with the onset of IRS litigation.  After serving with the Bankruptcy Trustee for over two and a half years in the liquidation, David became the last of the 34 employees to voluntarily leave the organization to form Consolidated Properties, Inc.


  During the period of bankruptcy, David was in charge of analyzing the corporate structure and testifying in court as to the related ownership of the partnerships.  In Partnership Management, he maintained control over  250 bank accounts and responsible for payment of those companies' accounts payable.  When parent corporations filed bankruptcy,  David remained in control of these accounts for the Bankruptcy Trustee.  He testified as an expert witness at many trials, providing information analysis in determining the value of real estate and other assets of the estates, books and records.  David's testimony included analysis made regarding present value of mortgage holdings and their marketability.  He also participated in sale negotiations and closing of various commercial transactions.  David have given frequent depositions, and has worked in conjunction with numerous attorneys, including the U.S Attorney General on HUD cases, IRS agents and their attorneys.  I also testified as an expert witness for the IRS on two occasions.


  During the last 33 years, David has overseen the management of approximately 75 different apartment complexes in 6 states, ranging from 60 units to 402, totaling over 6,000 units with up to about 75 employees at one time.  During this time, he designed and implemented all management and computerized accounting systems for two management companies and was in full charge of property managers and accounting departments.  He also served as a Court-Appointed Receiver for the FDIC and the John Hancock Life Insurance Company on 5 occasions.


  In November 1981 David formed Consolidated Properties, Inc. managing multi-family apartment complexes for the FDIC, Individuals and John Hancock Life Insurance.  During his 18 years as President and Property Manager, he designed all computer accounting systems and was considered in the top of 250 companies in the country by institutional owners as related to accounting, management systems and internal controls.


  In October of 1997, David formed Network Real Estate, Inc. to devote full time to the sale of residential real estate.  Starting a new sales company, he has sold and closed over $1,500,000 in residential home sales and has become a member of the Realtors Million-Dollar Club.  In 1999, David received the GRIâ designation and closed in excess of $2,700,000 in sales. 

Currently the company has 6 residential salespersons and is set apart from our competition as a “High Tech” marketing company.

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