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Denham Springs Roof Repair Cheap Or Good You Can_t Have Both
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If you live in the Denham Springs or Baton Rouge Louisiana area your roof has been tested many times lately by wind, hail and by many rain downpours. Many roofs that have never had a problem have even seen a little leak here and there. I will list a few reasons you do not want a cheap price for your new roof.

If you have priced a roof replacement in lately you probably came close to having a heart attack when you were given the price. The price of shingles and roofing material in general has gone up drastically over the past ten years. One positive aspect of the price increase is that shingles are much better then they were just a few years ago. Owens Corning and Atlas Roofing Corporation in particular sell a great product. Both have up to a 130 MPH wind load and both have anti fungicide to keep the ugly dark streaks from making a new look bad.

Now that you know a little about the price of new roofing material lets talk about the labor to put your new shingles on. When someone gives you a price and it looks high at first ask questions why. The prices that sound to good to be true are the ones that should worry you the most . When you are getting a new roofing system you can either have cheap or good but there is no way you can have both. 

If a roofing contractor in the Denham Springs or Baton Rouge LA area is too low that should raise red flags of why? The contractor may not have any insurance which would leave the homeowner hung out for potential law suites if a accident was to happen. What about if the roof was to develop a problem after installation, would your contractor come back and fix the problems and let me tell you a small leak can happen after anybody installs your roof. Do you want the men nailing the shingles to your grossly under paid? When someone is under paid they usually do not do a very good job. If you want your full warranty you must have the nails in the shingles in the nail line as well as the proper number of nails or your warranty is void and it does not matter what manufacturer your shingles are from.

The best advise I can give for choosing a roofing contractor in Denham Springs or the Baton Rouge Louisiana area is to compare everything about the contractors and the price. Find out what kind of roofing system they are selling you, how many years of workmanship warranty you are getting and who have they done work for in the area.

I can assure you there is a very good reason for the price difference you are getting when installing a new roof. You are either not getting a good job or you are getting substandard roofing material with a low price, either one will give you much heart ache in the future.


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