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Round table "Eating is serious doctor?": Dr. Galantier (nutritionist) Stéphanie Lacombe (photographer), Michel Deruelle (diabetic) and Pr Patrick Vexiau (head of the Department of diabetology at the hospital Saint Louis). Moderator: Jacques Le Disez diabetic diet plan, Director of communication of the AFD.

The child is concerned mainly with type I diabetes — Diabetes mellitus (diabetes during which it is necessary to treat the child by injections of insulin). This conference hosted by Professor Jean-Jacques Robert, head of the Department of the Necker Hospital diabetes, to aim to know to what extent the child may be autonomous to the treatment of diabetes.

As every year, the diabetes fair is inaugurated by an opening speech of the President of the AFD, Gérard Raymond, the Secretary general of the AFD, Patrick Vexiau, and Serge Halimi, President of the ALFEDIAM (pictured here).

Conference 'Show search': Dr Guillaume Charpentier (pictured) (hospital Corbeil-Essonne, head of the Department of diabetology) and with the participation of Dr. Raphael Scharfmann gestational diabetes symptoms, Madame Nadine Bouby, and Sophie Guilmin Crepon.

Conference "Diabetes and visual impairment": Dr. Sylvie Feldman-Billard (diabetologist at the National Center of Ophthalmology of the Quinze - Vingts hospital) and Mrs Catherine Dauxerre (Coordinator of the activities of orthoptics in the National Center of Ophthalmology of the Quinze - Vingts hospital).

Professor Vexiau said that food occupies a large place in the life of a person with diabetes.

Alain Ducardonnet, physician and journalist, presents Pascale Weeks, young woman who opened a food blog "it's me who did it", since 2004, which gives tips, recipe ideas and which offers the possibility to users to leave comments on them.

Other invited also present: Olivier Roellinger, chef cook that mixes local ingredients and flavours distant (India) type 1 diabetes symptoms. It stops his job due to health and decides to put his talent at the service of public health.
Real Estate Glossary - Acronyms in Real Estate
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