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Diane Armitage, founder and president of Armitage, Inc. has been helping real estate professionals to market themselves effectively for years. In 1994, she opened her own company and began acting as marketing director to the world’s highest-producing real estate agents. She quickly became known as the “real estate marketing guru” and, while building her company of writers, toured and spoke extensively on leveraged marketing strategy and was hired to rebuild enormous training and support websites within the real estate industry.

The author of "Million Dollar Ads", Diane currently brings her skill in specialization of niche industries to Armitage, Inc., a full service marketing company, and continues to speak around the world on strategic marketing and websites, and the magic and personality embedded in each.


Contact Details

Armitage, Inc.
31561 Table Rock Dr. #411
Laguna Beach
, CA. 92651 


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Professionals in Real Estate - Real Estate Service Individuals
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