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Differences between a park home and regular house
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"Wow, your house is raised above the ground? You can still use the toilet? Where do you get your electricity from?" - these are all common questions that a non-park home owner might ask about what it's like to live in a park home.

In truth however, park home living is much different to living in a regular home. You still have security, roads, running water, showers, toilets, electricity, TV points and so on. It's understandable that someone might question just what it is that makes the difference but in reality, there's very little.

From the outset, park homes look a little like bungalows. They normally have but one ground floor and a pitched roof, whilst still retaining grassy areas which effectively act as a home-owner's garden.

They'll even be roads running up to the property, lit by streetlights and a space to put the bins out - just like a normal house. Postmen/women can still deliver mail straight through the mail box of the home too. So there's little difference there either.

Inside, you're likely to find mod-cons such as central heating and double glazing. The kind of energy supply is normally dependent on which park the property is in but it will normally be gas running off either a mains line, local supply tank or even bottles.

You can even get cable TV, Sky, and so on, as well as an internet connection through a phone line. Once again, this mimics the same luxuries any bricks and mortar property can offer.

As for the differences, you'll find that some park homes have on-site rules, concerning things such as the admission of children at certain times, or provisions for the safe-keeping of animals. You might find too that they'll be rents to pay for the upkeep of the general site, equivalent to a localised council tax for residents.

Bar these exceptions, you'll be hard pushed to find that park home living is much different to any other at all!
Real Estate Information Sources - Real Estate Articles
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