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The firm and its real estate professionals have grown along with the communities they serve. Most associates have been raised or live in their local market area. They have an intimate knowledge of the character of each local community, its schools, recreational facilities, shopping opportunities, and transportation. This community background, combined with the skills of highly trained professionals, make Dilbeck Realtors Associates ready to satisfy the specific needs of all their clients and meet the unique challenges encountered when selecting or selling a home.

Lynn Beckenhauer


Mark Dilbeck


Contact Information
1030 Foothills Blvd

La Canada, CA 91011

Company Stats
Number of Offices: 14

Number of Sales Associates: 659

Sales Volume: $1,611,069,650

Ranking based on Sales Volume: 83

Number of Transaction Sides: 2,250

Ranking based on Transactions: 260

(Courtesy RIS Media Power Broker Survey)

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