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Do all Clients Need the Same Level of Support?
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As a real estate agent, you will learn to understand your clients' personalities, which will facilitate your handling of their particular needs.

Although all clients should feel they are in excellent hands and receiving quality service, some clients are more self-sufficient (those known as drivers, who want to get to the point and see you move forward aggressively on their behalf) than others (the more laid-back personality, which expects to be led carefully, needs lots of information and explanations.) It is the agentís responsibility to know whom she/he is dealing with and cater to the particular personality.

Often, difficult clients need more support. They must feel you are listening to their problems and understand their difficulty. A good agent must become a diplomat, problem solver, negotiator, psychologist and negotiator.

You should never under or over estimate a client. Do not allow pre-conceived ideas, such as a woman needs her husbandís approval to complete the purchase, drive the way you behave toward a prospective client. Instead, listen with interest and learn as much about the prospect, then search for solutions appropriate to that particular personís needs.

Listening carefully to your clientís needs is a certain step forward in supporting your client and leading the sales process to the next step.

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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