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The Best of the Best

The Real Estate Apprentice™ Foundation recently announced the names of its top 30 semi-finalists for Season II of Real Estate Apprentice – a group hand-picked from an original pool of 3,593 applicants. The finalists are:

  • Aly Yohn of Colorado
  • Angela Lambert-Busch of Michigan
  • Carol Jackson of Pennsylvania
  • Corlia MacDonald of Florida
  • Daphne Jackson of Louisiana
  • Dee Thompson of South Dakota
  • Dorothy Edwards of Arizona
  • Eddy Workinger of Florida
  • Jacqueline Goldin-Milligan of Texas
  • Joan Hindin of Pennsylvania
  • Josip Causic of Florida
  • Justin Gomez of Nebraska
  • Kathleen Wyatt of Kansas
  • Kristi Beamon of Michigan
  • Lily Angiolini of Michigan
  • Natalia Woodhall of Georgia
  • Priscilla Whiteside of California
  • Rhonda Swaney of Arizona
  • Richard Daugherty of Indiana
  • Robert Ginn of Georgia
  • Roland Castillo of Texas
  • Roxann McDaniel of Texas
  • Teresa Brooks of North Carolina
  • Terroll Lynn Hardee-Romere of Texas
  • Tina Barletta of North Carolina
  • Todd Rice of Colorado
  • Traci Martin of Maine
  • Troy Shepherd of North Carolina
  • Virginia Halter of North Carolina, and
  • Will Davis from Tennessee.

“Now that we are down to the top 1%, the final judging is extremely competitive. Each semi-finalist is an outstanding rookie agent,” said Dr. Martin Oliver, the Foundation's Deputy Director. “These semi-finalists represent a rich source of latent industry talent that would strongly compliment any real estate brokerage.”

The total number of grant applications received during Season II increased 127% - a considerable jump from the first season. The semi-final applicants will now advance to the final phase of assessment. Once evaluated, the top 10 will become finalists. Nine of those ten will receive products and services valued at $5,000. One Grand Prize Winner will receive a grant equal to approximately $75,000 in real estate products and services.

The thirty semi-finalists represent a true cross-section of new agents spanning the country. Eighty-four percent have a RealtyU® education. The real estate school represented by the most semi-finalists is IFREC Real Estate School in Orlando, Florida, followed closely by Champions School of Real Estate. The list rounds out with representatives from Hogan’s School of Real Estate, Barney Fletcher RealtyU®, Armbrust Institute, Howard Perry & Walston Real Estate School, and Austin Institute.

While the state of Georgia featured the most semi-final applicants in Season I, this season has Texas and North Carolina on top, with Florida and Michigan in 3rd and 4th position. Semi-finalists also hail from Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, California, Kansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Nebraska, Maine, South Dakota and Tennessee.

During the pivotal next 25 days a panel of twelve independent judges will narrow the field of 30 semi-finalists down to ten, ultimately awarding $75,000 to the overall Season II winner, who will join Kendra Shearer of Georgia as noted guests of the Power Broker Dinner at the NAR convention in San Francisco this October, where both will be recognized and honored for their noteworthy achievements.

The Real Estate Apprentice™ Foundation is a non-profit venture that provides 20 bi-annual grants to promising real estate agents, totaling $250,000 every year. Grants are sponsored by various leading real estate companies, service providers, and industry leaders, including: First American Corporation – The nation’s leading provider of business information; Hobbs/Herder Advertising and Design – A household name in real estate agent corporate identity and branding; Thomson Learning – A global publisher of books in real estate, law, tax and accounting; Success Strategies Institute - A premier real estate coaching company; McLean International – A respected real estate organizational structure business systems implementation company; RealtyU® - the nation’s largest network of Real Estate Schools; iSucceed - the nation’s largest online real estate mentoring service; – a course scheduling service; The CyberSpace Society – The 1st name in online conventions and cyber information; RIS Media and Broker Agent News, both highly respected names in real estate news reporting.

For further information, visit the Real Estate Apprentice website. To become a Real Estate Apprentice Corporate Sponsor, please contact Dr. Martin Oliver at


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