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East Texas Land For Sale-What Counties Are Good To Live In
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When it comes to East Texas land for sale you need to know what the best counties are to live in and have good access to Dallas and the Metro Plex.

 I will name many East Texas counties and roughly where they are located and give some reasons these counties may be better to live in and reasons you may find them better. I have bought much East Texas land and I have always liked Van Zandt County, Rains, Wood, Smith, Kaufman, Hunt Ellis and Dallas just to name a few. I like Van Zandt County for a few reasons like it is on the I-20 corridor making a commute to Dallas very easy and less than fifty minutes.  I have had good luck in Kaufman County as well; it is also on the Interstate I-20 corridor and even closer to Dallas than Van Zandt County. The price of land will run you a little more in Kaufman and it is strictly due to location to Dallas.

 If you are coming from Louisiana to Dallas or other locations in East Texas Smith County will appeal to you, itís not to far from Dallas and the Metro Plex and less than two hours from the Louisiana State Line and Shreveport. Smith County also has a large city, Tyler where you can have access to the larger city lifestyle and medical facilities that appeal to many.

 If you are looking to save some money on your East Texas land for sale try Upshur, Marion or Harrison County, they are in close proximity to Louisiana, have good hunting and would make a nice place to raise a family. Rockwall, Dallas and Ellis County would all make a great place to live but get ready to pay a good bit more per acre for your land in any of these counties.

 If you are looking to move to Texas and have not started your land search yet I would suggest any of these counties when looking for East Texas land for sale.


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