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Edwin A. Barnum
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Edwin A. Barnum, J.D. is not "the greatest show on earth", he is "your greatest servant" in real estate sales. He is not the best, the brightest or the riches but he knows how to service your real estate needs.

His military service, G.R.I. designation, Criminology Degree, numerous training and teaching credentials and Law Degree allows him to always be a student in every facets of life.

Barnum believes that the "best followers make great leaders" and vice versa. That's why he is always involved in Training, Educating and Leading people (buyers and seller as well as real estate sale professionals he work for).

To whom "too much is given, too much is expected in return."

As the broker/owner of Century One Legacy, Edwin A. Barnum is not your typical leader who is only interested in "how much money you can make for him" or "how business you can bring in". He make sure he earns it. If he can help, he is available to assist anyone at anytime regarding anything. He is sworn to serve and is intent to leaving a lasting "Legacy". Call him, he'll make you feel very important. 

Contact Information
310)515-7355 or (310)808-7535
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