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As a real estate agent, search engines can be a huge part of your online success. Organic traffic obtained from high search engine placement is a very cost effective way to drive revenue and leads to your business. For the majority of agents, competition is the name of the game, so securing those coveted top 10 spots in search engines requires keen knowledge and a strategic plan.

In the past search engine optimization meant packing keywords into places that only search engines themselves could see. There were a lot of what are called “black hat” SEO tactics in play. These included invisible linked text at the bottom of pages, keyword stuffing at the bottom of every page and just generally trying to fool the web spiders, while desperately trying to maintain marketing value in the process. Search engines have gotten smarter, which hasn’t been good for old-school SEO’s using those tactics. Now there is a new objective – be the best, because you are.

The first key to building a website for great search engine placement is content. Design the content on your website to have a keyphrase density of 15% –25% - any less and you may have too much content on the page! Don’t just arbitrarily start stuffing keyphrases, however, look at how keyphrase density is calculated. The more words you have; the more instances of your keyphrase will need to be on the page. Never, under any circumstances, duplicate content located on other websites, whether they be your own sites or someone else’s. If you’re lacking content and don’t have the time or skills necessary to produce it, hire a service to produce unique content for you, preferably on an ongoing, cumulative basis. Keep in mind that there is a delicate balance between what works in the world of SEO and what is actually marketable. You have to be willing to blend both concepts and come out on the other side with something that works for you.

Another great way to maximize exposure for your target phrases is to use page name strategy. Instead of naming a page details.htm, make the name descriptive of what content it contains, such as golf-communities.htm. Use your page names as a chance to optimize for the phrases that you target specifically on that page with relevant content.

There is a lot to be said for a good domain name. Do not assume that all the good names are taken! There are still many great SEO-friendly combinations left that can help boost rankings as a feeder or a new website. Start off by searching for the most searched terms for your niche, and then look for domain names with those terms in the name separated by dashes. Here’s a good example: These are all great, highly searched terms, and it’s available!

Many search engines, especially Google, place great importance on what websites are linked to your website. You can obtain backlinks by paying or asking for other websites to place your link on their page. Regardless of how you obtain the link, it must be in your industry in order to help your rankings. Participating in random link exchanges or link farms can actually hurt your placement.

If you use doorway pages or feeder websites to push traffic and build backlinks to your site, be aware that search engines look at which sites link to you and match it up with your C-class. A C-class is a set of numbers that identifies your neighborhood on the web. Most websites on your server will share this number with you. If all of your websites reside on the same server, you should check to see if they are sharing the same C-class. Contact technical support at your hosting company to obtain this information if necessary. If in fact they are, you should move each website to a different hosting provider to avoid this issue.


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