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Effective lipo injections for weight loss
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What I find very positive lipo injections for weight loss on the program: time to develop a consciousness!

I can recommend the program to just anyone! And so do I!

For me, was and really is the program to the rescue safflower seeds!

Age: 50
Size: 1.87 m
Weight: 105 kg
Target weight: 78 kg
reached weight: 82.2 kg
Period: 2 years

Dress size before: 54-56
Now dress size: 44
My success tips:

The most important thing for me was that I started to play sports and have learned to feed myself consciously.

About what it takes to be necessarily regularly entered in the diary! Thus, one is always aware of the new safflower seeds situation and prevents rampant food!

After a heart attack in December 2006 it was clear that something had to happen to me. My GP put me this membership on the heart. In 12 months I have thus removed 20 kg * until today, I have no problems with it to maintain my new weight 82 kg.

During the 12-month membership I is able to reduce my weight of 102 kg, 82 kg (at 1, 86 m size).

I have benefited especially from the many helpful suggestions. And I brought up the necessary discipline, to document every day every intake and any physical activity in the online diary.

Discipline, movement and a changing body awareness

In addition to the weekly Kardiosport and regular daily walks with the in the meantime acquired bearded collie I drove every day at least 15 km on the bike and have respected scrupulously to comply with the recommended calorie limit safflower seeds.

All in all a success, since seeing me in much better physical condition (fitness, cholesterol!), than I would have believed possible before the attack!

The best however is that I have after this 12-month "training" until today, no problems, maintain the weight reached. When the scale displays a kilo more times every now and then lipo injections for weight loss, then thats away but just as soon as it came.

Yes now I know how it goes!

Age: 60 years
Size: 1.86 m
Weight: 102 kg
Target weight: 82 kg
reached weight: 82 kg
Period: 52 weeks safflower seeds

Dress size before: 28 (XXL)
Dress size today: 50 (M or L)
My tips for success:

Keep that way and by smaller lipo injections for weight loss setbacks not to be discouraged.
Consciously enjoy!
A lot of movement
A special diet
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