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Eileen Tefft
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Eileen Tefft has degrees from UCSD in Chemistry and Math, as well as 3 years of graduate school in Biochemistry and Biology.

Eileen has been licensed in Real Estate since 1978, and has practiced residential and commercial real estate while also having owned 2 restaurants, 2 marinas and a boatyard and chandlery.

Eileen has owned her own real estate firm since 2005 and has a state certified real estate school license pending called The New Approach Real Estate School.  Currently Eileen is waiting on approval of several courses from the Chemistry of Buying to her Listing and Short Sale Classes.  Furthermore, Eileen also has an individual license pending as a State Certified Instructor in Washington State.

She is married, has 5 children and several grandchildren.

Contact Information

Eileen Tefft
222 Wall Street #100, Seattle
Washington 98121

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