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Savvy defines Elaine Cook when it comes to Bellingham Real Estate.
Experienced, Knowledgeable and Shrewdly aware.

Successful transactions begin by working with a Connect Realty agent that knows the area, knows how to handle unexpected challenges, and knows how to make you feel confident throughout the process!

It is important to Elaine that you gain a high level of confidence in her abilities, trust is imperative to any relationship! In the 7+ years she have been in Real Estate, Elaine has helped many Bellingham residents reach their goal of profitable building, buying or selling, with the least amount of hassle...and the most amount of communication, education...and of course, fun.

Elaine often refers to her career as a treasure hunt. Helping Buyers find their perfect home, helping Sellers find the right buyer and finding quality tenants through her Property Management company

Having lived in Bellingham, WA for over 20 years, she can't imagine living anywhere else. Coming from the Mojave Desert...Elaine appreciates the moderate temperature, the trees, the lakes, the bay, the mountains...where else can you go skiing, sailing, run out to the mall, go hiking, fishing, golfing, have a variety of secondary educational choices....and still drive around the corner to watch the cows graze!!!

Elaine works a large support crew. Affectionately known as the "Cookie Crew!"  Her husband, David Cook, her children, Jason, Jeff, Aaron and Sarah, and a talented group of friends in all the trades make up this GREAT crew! Many of them work for one of Elaine & Davidís other companies; Market Ready Services and  You will find her resources to be plentiful...helping you with your goals in many different ways!

Affiliations & Education:

Professional Affiliations:

∑      Mentor, Team Leader with Connect

∑      Counsel of Leaders with Connect Realty 

∑      WA State Lead Trainer for Connect Realty

∑      Past-President, The Barkley Business Association

∑      Member, Northwest Multiple Listing Service

∑      Co-Sponsor of 

∑      Prudential Multi-Million Dollar Award

∑      Member of National Association of Realtors

Real Estate Education:

"E" Certification             1031 Exchange                      Real Estate Law
Real Estate Ethics         Brokerage Management          Foreclosure   
Property Marketing         Short Sales                           Tenant Law
Client Communication     Fair Housing                          RE Practices         
Gov. Consideration         Principles in RE                     Business
Business Management   Listings & Marketing               Finance


How Elaine spends time away from Real Estate:
Elaine enjoys a lot of here goes, in no particular order!
Gardening           Traveling           Entertaining          My Husband
My Kids               Sailing              Sewing                Horseback Riding Baking                 Painting            My Dogs              My Grandson
Reading               Shopping           Movies                Decorating
Bubble Baths....and yes, it is a hobby!

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