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Send Broker to Broker and Agent to Agent emails with

Send Real Estate property listing flyers via e-mail to Brokers, Agents, Builders, and Buyers. Create a Listing Flyer and choose a specific area for targeted marketing. Features include:

  • Over 80 full color pre-designed flyer templates for creating your listing flyer.
  • Targeted marketing - members can choose which area to e-mail flyers to, or customize an area list compiled of several cities.
  • Printable version of all created flyers for placement in property sale boxes.
  • Professional Virtual Tours with background music, text taglines for all photos, and color choice.
  • Open Tracking allows members to monitor the success of their e-mail campaign by providing information on how many e-mails were opened and from which area.


    Home Buyers Lists
    • Send your flyer to people who are actively looking to purchase a home. builds their homebuyer lists from people who search for terms such as, "California property for sale" or "Homes for sale in Texas", etc. Members can choose a homebuyer list that is relevant to their target area. 
    • The homebuyer leads solid; comprised of REAL buyers that are searching for homes.
    • Homebuyers will receive the listing flyer directly in their e-mail.
    • The property will also be listed in the "Featured Property" directory which is visited by thousands of visitors weekly.

    Pricing and Other Features
    • Pricing starts at $2.99 per city and $8.99 per region for e-mailed flyers. See all prices.
    • Single Property Websites use the property address as a website url, making it easy for homebuyers to get information on the property.
    • Online Real Estate Directory posting allows property flyers to be placed on the internet. Flyer Syndication to over 25 online directories.
    • Drip E-mail allows members to re-send a flyer one week from the original date to everyone who opened the original flyer. Comes with open tracking.

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