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The old mantra – ‘one size fits all’, used to describe a cookie-cutter process for handling many different issues – is rapidly becoming obsolete. Following the customer service trend transforming nearly every major industry in today’s economy, more and more real estate brokerages are recognizing the ‘bundled services’ concept as viable alternative to the traditional commissioned sales model.

National real estate firms such as Coldwell Banker, Prudential, and RE/MAX, as well as large ancillary service providers like First American Title and Fidelity National Financial are constantly expanding and integrating their service offerings to accommodate the homebuyers desire for a more flexible way in which to pay for an agent’s professional services.

The New Real Estate Professional

As the winds of change blow through the halls of such established brick and mortar companies, the aftereffects resonate in smaller real estate offices across the country, where determined agents prospect day in and day out for those golden leads. In response, a new breed of sales associate is emerging – one with the breadth of professional expertise and knowledge required to offer substantive counsel on subjects that eclipse the real estate transaction alone, including residential real estate, appraisals, home inspection, and mortgage lending – to name a few.

‘This shift must not be construed as an attempt by agents to suddenly become appraisers or home inspectors,’ said Era Swanepoel, Deputy Executive Director of The Real Estate Professionals Society (REPS), ‘but in 2005 it has become necessary for agents to exercise a broader, more extensive understanding of all key aspects of the real estate transaction. They don't need to become licensed appraisers, loan officers or home inspectors, but they must improve their overall knowledge about these services.’

An Imperative Re-Education

Every complex activity necessitates a thorough protocol to complete, and successfully selling a home is certainly no exception. Forget one step in the process, and you diminish the chance of success, while simultaneously enhancing the possibility of negative, even legal repercussions.

This is particularly true for new agents, who can prevent such consequences by expanding the breadth of their expertise. One of the best ways to begin this learning process is to attend specific real estate specialty courses and obtain the appropriate designations via credible academic institutions.

‘To this end,’ says Ms. Swanepoel, ‘by working together with various course providers and associations, The Real Estate Professionals Society has endeavored to make it easier for agents to obtain multiple courses approved for certification. Various real estate designations are available within each discipline, each contingent upon the successful completion of the necessary prerequisite courses.’

The future, it seems, will shine the brightest upon the agent best prepared to engage the 21st century homebuyer and seller with the broad proficiency, personalized service, and variety of payment options expected to accompany such real estate consulting. As the customer dictates, The Real Estate Professionals Society (REPS) and RealtyU® real estate schools will continue to offer cutting edge curriculum designed to fully equip this emerging real estate professional.


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