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Erica Simpson specializes in foreclosures and short sales. For more information email her me today.


Facing Foreclosure?
The worst thing to do is to do nothing to save your home. Depending on how long you have owned your home, you may have some equity which will allow you to get some cash. The bank DOES NOT want your home. The bank looses on average of $50k per foreclosure. There are so many people who are facing foreclosure that the banks would go out of business if they were to foreclose on every home that was in default. Remember your home is in foreclosure not you so don't let the situation beat you into the ground because you can't afford to ignore what is happening.Always remember the LORD will not put more on you than you can handle. May you be blessed!

Cheaper Than Bankruptcy
I renegotiate payment plans for people who are currently behind on their mortgage. My services include new payments, cash out, lease back, etc. My goal is to help my homeowners stay in their current home. The loss mitigation contact works for the bank and I work for my clients. I specialize in working with the lender to  help you get out of foreclosure and STAY out of foreclosure. This can be done for less money out of pocket and less damage to your credit as well.

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