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FL Land For Sale-What Is Your Land Worth In This New Economy
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If you have Florida land for sale you may have noticed even in a state like Florida that usually does better than the rest of the United State land is not selling like it once did.

 If you have had you FL land for sale listed with a Real Estate Broker and it has been sitting on the market awhile donít get mad at the Broker or at least wait until you finish reading this article. I have never been a pessimistic person in my life but with the economy since 2008 it is hard to get very excited about anything lately. If you are in real estate sales and land and houses are equally as bad as each other you may need to rethink your carrier and for sure change the way you do business and look at advertising.

 If you are and always have been a marginal land Broker I will give you the bad news but you need to hear it, find another line of work the land sales industry will never be the same as it was pre 2007. If you look at the number of clients looking for Florida land for sale pre 2007 and look at the market now you will find about 3 viable clients where there use to be 10. The only good news with these numbers is the 3 that are looking are a much more qualified buyer and I have never seen as many cash buyers as there is in the market today. I have noticed traffic has increased since the election in November 2010 but that leads to the frustration of lending problems.

 I have been in land sales for almost two decades and have a close friend of mine that is very active in land sales and I have watched him have to sale many land tracts two and even three times due to inability for his clients to secure financing. The financing of FL land for sale and houses for that matter has changed forever and if not forever at least the next couple decades. The Obama administration is no doubt the most unfriendly administration to lending institution and please donít think I am taking up for big banks because I am not but without lending you donít have a viable real estate market. If you have noticed rates are as lo as they have ever been historically and yet people are still not will to borrow and 7 out of 10 that would like to borrow donít qualify anymore.

 What do you do to stay not only alive but viable in this market? The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem, like Dave Ramsey like to say get yourself debt free and stay that way is your first line of defense. Take a hard look at your self and all office expenses and cut everything but advertising. This is a awful time and a great time to be in engaged in land for sale in Florida, be aggressive and you can take your broke and out of business competitors business.


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