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Felicia Nicole Hood
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Felicia Nicole Hood, a Real Estate Professional, whose primary objective is to simplify the home buying and selling process for the consumer. With 16 years of experience in customer service and entrepreneurship, she has the ability, knowledge, and passion to serve her clients with a level of Excellence that exceeds their expectations.

A woman of integrity and Christian values, Felicia has a sincere passion to protect her clients, while also empowering those who are interested, with the skills and the knowledge to secure their financial future through real estate investments.

Her endeavor to create more homeowners is clearly seen through her mentoring sessions. She constantly shares with others her knowledge and experience with "flipping" and creating a cash flow through rental properties.  

By choosing Felicia Nicole as your Realtor®, you're gaining a key teammate who will work hard to make sure that you reach your real estate goals. Whether it's selling your home, or purchasing one, if you're a first time homebuyer, or an investor.  She will work diligently to make sure that your goals are met!!

Awards and Designations
A graduate from Fortune Real Estate Academy
Completed Coldwell Bankers United Realty Fast Track Course
Completed Coldwell Bankers Tech Skills Course
Completed Coldwell Bankers Discover The Difference
Graduate of Lancaster High School in Lancaster South Carolina
Licensed in 1991 as a Professional Cosmetologist
Opened and managed Blessed Hands Styling Salon for 10 years
Attended York Technical College [Business& Entrepreneur] in 2000
Began the Women Of a Refined Destiny Strength Center, [W.O.R.D] which offered support to victims of domestic violence and the oppressed.
Volunteer at Church in the City’s homeless shelter in Charlotte NC
Member of Victory Christian Center in Charlotte NC

Investing in real estate is a key part of any investor's financial planning. For most of us, our homes are a big part of our net worth. And as we grow older, we build equity in our homes that can help fund our children's college or our own retirement. Here, we'll take a look at investing in our private residences, in vacation houses and in income or rental properties.

Our HomesOwning a home comes with tax advantages. For instance, interest paid on mortgage is tax-deductible. And in some cases, home improvements can provide tax advantages. Selling a home also has some tax advantages. If you are single and have lived in your primary residence for two years, the first $250,000 of profits from the sale of the house are tax-free. If you're married, the exemption is $500,000. And you can take that tax advantage once every five years.

Second HomesInvestors have some options about optimizing the purchase of a second home. They can use the residence as a personal property, in which case the interest payments are tax deductible. Under the tax code, taxpayers itemizing deductions can claim mortgage interest payment deductions on the first $1 million of debt incurred for the purchase of a first or second home. To qualify as a second home, an owner must use the residence for more than 14 days per year.

The other option is to rent the property when you're not using it. If you rent for fewer than 14 days, you can still qualify for the personal home deduction. If you rent for more than 14 days, the tax treatments change, because now your second home is considered an investment property. Expenses such as mortgage interest and maintenance are divided between personal and investment use, proportional to the number of days of rental use and actual use. The expenses counted as investment are deductible; the portion allocated for personal use, including mortgage interest, is not deductible, because an investment property is not considered a personal second home.


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