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Have you drawn the octagon described in Part 1 of this article? If not, refer to the previous article Feng Shui It for a brief overview of basic Feng Shui concepts. Then arrange items on your desk according to the Feng Shui diagram recommendations. Don’t forget that your diagram should be positioned so that “North” is actually be upside down in the “South” position!

Now let’s look at using Feng Shui to grapple with some everyday challenges.

  • Having trouble with your relationships at home? Make sure pictures of your partner and children are in the right positions on your desk (look at your diagram: upper right hand corner). Other family members or a roomate? A picture or something from that person can be placed in the Family position.
  • No partner at all? Want one? Place a pair of anything, i.e., stones, animals, pictures, flowers in the Marriage position.
  • What about that annoying person you work with? According to author Karen Rauch Carter, put a small cactus plant in the Fame position (that position only!). Carter is very clear that cactus plants should not be put anywhere else on your desk. You may want to put a note under the plant that says something like: ”So and so, stop bugging me!” If cactus plants starting appearing on everyone’s desks at work, you many want to take a look at the feng shui for the whole office!
  • Having trouble concentrating? Place a rock on your desk for grounding.
  • Need some “oomph”? Crystals work well in any area that needs a little help. A small piece of quartz is fine. Or a small wind chime (don’t worry about the wind part). You can find small wind chimes in any variety store or nursery. Both enhance the trouble spot.
  • Feel uncomfortable with a door just behind you? Place a mirror on your desk in such a position that you can see who is coming through the door.
  • Are sales a little sluggish? Place at least one book of your trade in the Knowledge position just to your left. And spruce up your Helpful People position with a picture or memo from one of those people who have helped you in the past. Or attach a saying from an author you admire to the front of your printer, if it’s to your right. Helpful People do not have to be alive. They could even be someone you’ve never known. Helpful People inspire you, dead or alive, known or unknown!
  • Feel like everyday is an uphill climb? Move that picture of your favorite mountain that is hanging in front of your desk. Any picture placed in front of you that shows an obstacle, however beautiful, will be an obstacle to your day. You don’t want to spend your days climbing uphill or crossing rapids. Hang the picture off to the side.
  • Does your home office seem in the way? Keep your work space separated from your home life. You don’t have to have a separate room. A screen or piece of hanging fabric will do. If your computer is in, or near, your bedroom, cover it at night. You’ll get a better night’s sleep.
  • Feel like profits are going down the drain? Cover the sink drain if you have a coffee room section in your office. And, er,……yes, guys, put the toilet seat down!

Advanced Feng Shui - The Chinese also believe that the flow of energy of the elements promotes well being. The Chinese elements may be different from what you are used to. Here they are with the positions they correspond to: Water (Career), Fire (Fame), Wood (Family/Health), Metal (Children). Earth is in the center. The productive cycle and flow should be: Earth, Metal (moving clockwise), Water, Wood, Fire. Earth in the center could be tricky on a desk. But if the center of your desk has room for a small plant or a rock, you’ve done it. Fire can be represented by a candle. Water should be part of your daily regimen anyway. Try it out; see if you can get this to work too.

Have Fun - These are just a few helpful hints. Get into it. When you take a break, toss around ideas with your fellow workers. Maybe someone’s desk needs to be moved around. Everyone can help! Come up with some great ideas about how to help your sellers with feng shui. Maybe you could even publish a small guide. All this is a great way to build teamwork and have fun doing it.

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