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Five signs that you should leave the city environment
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There comes a time in many people's lives when they just get fed up of living amongst the hustle-bustle of a city and decide they want to live somewhere more rural.

When this moment arrives for you, it may be that the feeling is only temporary and you end up falling back in love with the city where you reside. However, plenty of individuals just get tired of the pace of life in urban areas and want to slow things down a little, for whatever reason.

Of course, this change in mindset is heavily associated with a person's autumn years, when they might be retiring or getting closer to retirement - but it is not just older people who may want to start checking out residential park homes for sale or little cottages they can rent.

To work out if you are ready to leave your city, think about the following five issues:

Yearning for community

One big problem with cities is often the lack of a cohesive community feel, with many people feeling anonymous and unnoticed by the masses of people walking around every day. While you are young and ambitious you may have your mind on other things, but the yearning for community is often a sign that you may like to move to somewhere a little smaller, where people know each other.

Annoyed by crowds

Do you look at the assembled crowds in your area and just think 'Oh, go away'? If so, it may be time to up sticks to somewhere with more space per person. There is something freeing about having a little more space and fewer people to bump into, although you have to accept that no matter where you go, there may be crowds occasionally.

Desire for more time for your interests

If you are the sort of person who values their personal development in terms of what you do in your free time - as opposed to your career - then the city may be standing in the way of progress, as there is always something going on to occupy your time. Whether it be cooking, art or even a desire to spend more time with children, it may be that a move to the countryside could open up more time to do what you care about.

Rural visits are a highlight

An obvious point perhaps but one worth making; if you find yourself regularly taking trips to the countryside at the weekends and these are your favourite parts of your life, then perhaps you should make it permanent? It may be that you prefer to have the countryside as a getaway rather than a home, but it is definitely something worth thinking about.

Indifference to city benefits

A major sign that you may not need to live in the city anymore is if you no longer actually enjoy an urban area's benefits. Late night transport, top clubs and bars, huge shopping centres and massive events are great if you actually use them, otherwise you might as well be somewhere with advantages you genuinely want or need.

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