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Graphic email signatures
Any agent with an email address understands the value of setting up “autoresponders” – short messages that automatically respond to any inquiries sent to your email address, usually along the lines of “Thanks for your message, I’ll get back to you promptly.” But if your message ends with simply your name, your company, and your contact information, you’re missing out on a simple and easy way to visually brand yourself to your prospects. A graphic email signature includes all the standard contact information of your usual signature, but also has a picture of some sort embedded, perhaps of you, your team, your company logo, or your personal logo and slogan. Simply have a graphic artist create the visuals for you, then copy and paste the graphic into a Microsoft Word document along with your contact information. Save the document as a .htm file. Open up your email program, create a new signature, and import your new file. Often the person who handles technology issues in your office can assist with this step. Simple and quick to set up, a graphic email signature sets you apart from the rest.

Live website chat
If you have a website you undoubtedly understand the value of providing instant access to information to your website visitors. Making a variety of useful documents available to prospects is an excellent way of providing value. But why not take it one step further? A new type of live chat engine has debuted in recent months, making it much easier to implement this sort of technology on your website. Different from the standard “chat rooms” of old, this new instant chat is only activated when a user clicks on the “Chat Now” button, which can have any type of text you like, such as “Talk to an Agent now!” When the user clicks the button, a chat window opens up, and they type in their question. Previously having a chatroom on your website meant someone on the other end had to be present in the chatroom and monitoring it on a constant basis. This new type of chat technology allows you to go about your business, and notifies you via a sound on your computer when a message has been posted. You’ll also see a chat window pop up on your end with the user’s question. Although your chat button may say “Ask an Agent now!”, you don’t necessarily have to be present to monitor this; your assistant who is on the computer all day can easily have this engine running in the background and answer any basic questions that arise, or call you directly and pass the contact information on to you. Type in “live chat+real estate” in any search engine to see the different types of software available.

Google Desktop search
Google, purveyors of innovative web search technology, have introduced a “desktop search” program that can increase productivity and ease of access to information. Unlike the Windows Search program, which simply searches for file names, Google Desktop actually searches the content of files – the full text of your emails, Microsoft Office files, IM chats, PDF files, and much more is available to you at the click of a button. And with several third-party “plug-ins” available, you can find nearly anything in any long-forgotten nook or cranny of your computer.

Find Google Desktop here:

Storage solutions
As the cost of disk space decreases, the storage options available to the consumer increase significantly. The cost of external hard drives, flash drives, and DVD burners means that the paperless office is that much more within reach. Read on and learn about some of the best storage options out there:

  • External hard drives are easy and relatively portable solutions to the file storage issue. Unlike internal drives, installation of which is generally best left to professionals, external drives are connected via the standard USB or Firewire ports on most computers, and are easily configured and set up by even the novice user. Most can be “hot-swapped” out, or moved from one computer to another, with ease, simplifying the transfer of up to 250 gigabytes of information – or the equivalent of over 16 million Microsoft Word documents!
  • USB flash drives are a low-cost file transfer solution that provide one of the simplest methods of moving files from one computer to another. The size of a small Swiss Army knife, they’re compatible with nearly any Windows-based PC, and offer one of the most portable and inexpensive methods of transferring large files. Starting at around $20, they’re an invaluable part of any tech-savvy businessperson’s toolkit. Keep one on your keychain!
  • Recordable DVDs offer the data storage space of over six recordable CDs, not to mention the capability of creating your own video discs that play in any home DVD player. DVD recorders also record CDs – an improvement upon the old recordable CD drives in nearly every way. And with the price of DVD “burners” not significantly more than CD recorders, now’s the time to replace your recordable CD drives with recordable DVD drives!

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