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Christmas is only 13 days away and new year of real estate activity is just around the corner. With many already thinking about what 2007 will bring, real estate business planning is on everyone's mind. Real Estate Confronts Goal Setting vs. Business Planning, the 9th publication in the popular Real Estate Confronts series, is now available as a complimentary report to the industry.

Written by well-known author and speaker Stefan Swanepoel and business plan guru Allen Wright, this in-depth, 28-page Industry Report delves into the "What and Why," the "How To" and the "Calculations and Numbers" of business planning. Divided into three sections, significant space is allotted to understanding the numbers and the different elements of Revenues and Expenses. After reading the easy to follow report, agents will have a better understanding of not only the importance of having a business plan but how to actually create their own, individual plan.

According to Swanepoel, "In today's competitive and complex marketplace, a real estate agent's success is far from guaranteed and with a declining market underway, agents need to map out a clear path to reach their goals. The aim of the report is to help real estate professionals better understand the business planning process; the steps, the benefits and the execution." "This new whitepaper is also geared towards providing brokers and agents the information they need to identify hurdles, organize priorities, create strategies and evaluate the options they have," said Wright.

"Goal setting identifies what you want," said Sandra Nickel of the Hat Team in Alabama. "Business planning shows you how to reach those goals and identifies the step by step process," she added. Eva Keagle of ERA Colonial Real Estate also added: "If you're going to make a cross country trip you need a road map. If you want to be a success in any business you will need a business plan."

To discuss business planning questions with "The Business Planner," Allen Wright, or "Trends Master" Stefan Swanepoel, go to RealBlogging. Copies of the Report on business planning can be downloaded for free from

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RealSure Publishing has been active in authoring and publishing real estate books and whitepapers since 1997. In 1998 the company created the popular Real Estate confronts series that has since seen nine publications including Real Estate confronts Reality, (ranked as the #1 Real Estate Business Book for 1998 by RealSure also annually publishes the Swanepoel Top Real Estate Trends, the industry's leading report of trends and how change impacts the residential real estate brokerage industry. For more information visit


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