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Confusion Reduction

Over the last six months RealtyU® added 800 new terms and definitions to it’s free online real estate dictionary,, expanding the total number of quick-reference real estate terms to above the 2,000 mark.

“Since we are so extensively involved in real estate education,” explained Stefan Swanepoel, “it only seemed natural to for us to provide real estate agents and brokers with a resource that can be easily accessed and conveniently bookmarked for immediate use when the need arises.”  The company adds 100 – 200 new definitions to its online dictionary on a quarterly basis, consistently updating and feeding the growing repository of real estate-oriented terminology.

The reasoning behind further cultivating the free site, however, runs deeper than a simple association of causes.  It can prove to be a truly daunting task to exhume clarity and simplicity from the convoluted and voluminous financial and legal documents associated with selling a home.  Although the legalese may be a challenge, it is also a necessity.  Real Estate Words aims to reduce that confusion, offering the vocabulary and expressions that are most commonly used in the real estate transaction, especially during contract negotiations.

Free – Always Good

According to Tom Mitchell, the company’s Vice President of New Business Development, “In this market, agents have enough costs to contend with as it is, and we recognize that overhead challenge.  Any free and helpful resources that they can take advantage of are always a welcomed addition in their continuing efforts to sell homes.”

Real Estate Words and its free sister site, the course-scheduling portal, provides four of the most extensive lists of real estate information anywhere on the web; namely an updated list of all real estate associations, real estate certification and designations, national and regional real estate conventions and thousands of locally-scheduled real estate training classes. These two sites are a powerful duo of practical and pertinent information at no cost to the industry.


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