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Generational Marketing: Myth Or Mastery
Category - Real Estate Information - Real Estate Books & CD's

Generational Housing: Myth or Mastery is a book that acknowledges the distinctive personalities created by generational interactions and experiences and how their unique motivations, needs and considerations impact their purchase and sale of real property. This first-of-a-kind book explores the differing lifestyles and current life stages of the five living generations: the G.I.'s; the Silent's; the Boomers; the Gen X'ers; and the Millenials. It examines the basics that every agent should know about real estate history, current finance options, the affect of the tax laws on moving, estate planning, including vesting designations, and the effect of retirement planning including pensions and investment choices. Building relationships using professional skills as well as understanding of behavior patters sets the goals toward creating a "CLEAN" transaction (described in detail in the book) and developing a source of future referrals.

Carmen & Lloyd Multhauf



Real Estate Information - Real Estate Books & CD's