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Gente & Casas launches responsive design
Category - Real Estate Websites - Central & South America Real Estate Websites re-launches the website with responsive web design to deliver the best real estate search experience in Colombia. Optimal viewing on multiple devices and screen sizes is very important as mobile internet browsing is increasing. We have built a fluid layout that flexes to fit the size of the screen itīs being viewed on. This reduces the need for visitors to scroll, pan, or zoom when accessing the site from a mobile device.

A fluid responsive web design works off a flexible layout rather than relying on pre-determined sizes. The website will display correctly on any screen size and even for the newest devices.

The old solution for mobile sites was to create several versions of the original website e.g. in combination with a script used to determine which version to display. A responsive web  design uses just one design, which adapts to multiple screen sizes. The advantages with responsive design rather then a separate mobile website are many. It facilitates for users to share content, market content and eliminates the need for new development when a new tablet or phone size is released.

Responsive design has been an upgoing trend during the last year and is the hot topic for 2013.

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