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Gerken & Associates has been a constant real estate service provider to Branson and the surrounding communities since 1975. 

In 1976, Duane and Kay Gerken, the firm's founding brokers, purchased a Century 21 franchise, which they and their team promoted for over 25 years. 

From high interest rates, to deregulation and "Black Monday", real estate had its trials and tribulations in the 1980's. However, Gerken & Associates prevailed as the leading Branson real estate agency dedicated to serving to the fullest all while giving back to the community.   

During this time, both Duane and Kay Gerken, served individual terms as local Realtor board Presidents and the Gerken & Associatesí sales team began filling up the office walls with Quality Service and Million Dollar Sales Club Awards.  

One decade led into another as Gerken & Associates assisted with the substantial transactions of the residential and commercial boom that hit Branson during the roaring 90's. By 1992, the firm had grown in size and doubled its office space. 

In 1998, Duane Gerken was elected President of the Missouri Association of Realtors, an organization boasting over 23,000 members. Kay was elected President in 2004, placing them both in history as one of only two Realtor husband and wife couples to achieve such honors from the State Association! 

After 27 years of gaining a reputable name in the Tri-Lakes area community, the firm left the Century 21 franchise, and in 2002 returned Independent. Included in this transition, were staff members whom even today, continue to be a part of the Gerken & Associates' sales team. 

In 2005, both Jeff and Charlie Gerken, brothers and best friends, joined their parents as Brokers and Partners to help lead the firm into the next generation. Having both completed college at Missouri State University and enjoying successful careers in marketing and management respectively, the brothers brought their skills to the firmís business plans. 

In doing so, Gerken & Associates remains the oldest continuously-owned real estate firm in Branson, Missouri. 

The office has been in the same location for over 33 years! Located on West Highway 76, in the Branson Heights Shopping Center, Gerken & Associates expanded their office to four times its original size in 2007.


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