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This is the perfect marketing tool to give to buyers, sellers, lookers, current and past customers of all ages and genders. Help create touches and drive your brand onto recipient’s web viewing devices all year long to create sales and referrals.

Get Me Organized Online is a useful cloud structure to organize and store info on purchases, possessions, and experiences while putting a stop to: I forgot – I can’t find – I don’t know. Plus, it is easy to use, always accessible, safe and secure. 

Get Me Organized Online is geared to the home. Recipients will have the facts and back up for everyday decisions on:  crashed computers, setting up email accounts, codes, vehicles, appliances,  filling out forms and applications, HVAC, electronics, home and yard improvements, medical history, achievements, pets, recipes, gift lists, entrainment, travel, and much more that will make everyone’s life more organized and less stressful.

Plus, this is so unique and helpful that Agents will be a positive discussion topic at parties, social meetings, and sporting events while recipients tell their friends, family, and co-workers about what you gave them.

Gift Subscriptions are a 15.99 value for an incredible low cost if purchased in volume.

Agents receive a marketing tag line and contact information printed on Gift Subscriptions and have an exclusive marketing message and contact info on every page of Get Me Organized Online web site after recipient’s login.

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Service Providers in Real Estate - Sales & Marketing Services
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