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Get the Best Return on Your Home Remodel Project
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With the gradual rise of the economy, remodeling projects for custom homes are generating higher returns. Owners can enjoy their improvements until they decide to sell, knowing their investment will increase the homeís value.

Of course, exactly which strategies give the highest returns is a question many homeowners have. While buyers are drawn to fantastic kitchens and baths, if youíre exterior leaves something to be desired, you may never get the buyers inside. With that in mind, letís look at some projects with the highest gains for your investment.

Replace your front door:

Through the years, the project that has shown the best profit for your money has been to replace your front door. Substituting that old wood door with one made of steel averaged a 96.6 percent yield on the investment. Itís a low cost, energy efficient upgrade thatís virtually maintenance free.

Replacing old siding:

Nothing gives more curb appeal to your house than clean, well-cared-for siding. In fact, your home can take a 10 percent value loss due to an old, tired exterior. Whether you choose fade-resistant vinyl, high quality fiber-cement or energy efficient foam-backed vinyl, youíre sure to get your moneyís worth through an approximate 80 percent to 83.8 percent return.

Wood deck additions:

Instead of a sunroom addition, which can be expensive to build and costly to heat and cool, consider patios or decks. With an increase in the popularity of outdoor living, decks are in the top of long-term return winners. With a low cost of only $8 - $30 per square foot and an average rate of 87.4% return on investment, decks are the way to go.

Attic bedroom remodel:

Converting an attic into a bedroom adds square footage to living area without changing the homeís impression. Remodeling costs are kept to a minimum because the walls, floor and ceiling already exist. Itís a smart investment with an overall average rate of return of 79.4%.

Although kitchen and bath rejuvenations are good, they can be expensive. The more money you put into a project doesnít mean it will pay back in greater amounts. More often than not, making minor improvements as opposed to a complete overhaul can yield more dividends. The key is not so much to spend less with your home remodel, but to spend more wisely.

About the Company:

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Professionals in Real Estate - Real Estate Agents
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