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I have been a Broker Agent for over 30 years in Naples, FL and in Colorado and never have I seen such an explosive growth in consumer knowledge pertaining to real estate and the Internet. Last Year the National Association of Realtors reported that over 84% of home buyers and sellers use the Internet to find their Realtor!

Last year leads generated from my multiple Websites generated an additional $10 million in closed sales to me and I am going to brake that record this year! The Internet has proven again that it is a far superior way to market your properties and yourself to potential clients. That is why I created America's Best Agents, Inc. to help other real estate agents bring their business to the highest level with the most cost effective marketing tools that work! I use to spend over $100,000 a year on marketing and now I spend a fraction of that and get the best results from America's Best marketing tools. We are top real estate agents who love helping other real estate agents succeed.
Name : Ginny Lee
Company : America's Best Agents President
Toll Free : (888) 716-4439
Telephone : (239) 591 3225
Fax : (239) 591 0005
Email :
Website :
Designation : CRS, PA, ABA

I love creating America's Best Agents and I hope you will be one of America's Best too! Branding is the Number 1 way to take your business to it's highest level and being America's Best Agent is the way to take your buisnes all the way to the top!


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