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Founded in 2011, Hamilton-Franklin Realty is a Virtual Real Estate Brokerage based out of Cape Coral, Florida, USA. Agents from across the United States are transitioning to these Virtual Offices as a way to boost their yearly earning yields. According to their owner, Hamilton-Franklin Agents are started at a commission split of 90/10 and enrolled in a 5% Equity Bonus for Agents they refer to work for the company. With this type of business model, agents can make over 100% and pay zero fees to their brokerage. Materials such as business cards, lockboxes and signs (normally a cost paid for by the individual real estate professional) is paid for by the company. Although the company is considered "Virtual" they do have available an executive style office equipped with two conference rooms for meeting with clients, other agents or real estate related work. "The concept behind Hamilton-Franklin is quite simple, if an agent primarily works from home and generates their own leads, why would they pay "Big Brokerage" fees? We cut our overhead in a move that will transition our brokerage to tommorow's technology based office. Soon the days of the 10,000 square foot office building and 10 Full Time employees to run an office will become obsolete. We feel that more and more companies will integrate this mindset into their business model. They will not have a choice unfortunately." remarks Paul Joseph Faragoi, Owner of Hamilton-Franklin Realty -6/18/2012


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